Thursday, April 23, 2009

My 8's

8 things I am looking forward to:
8. My Mom Coming down in the end of May

7. School to be over (for the summer that is)

6. Chris and Brittany's Wedding

5. Kylee and Kasen coming down to stay with me for 2-3 weeks!!!

4. Hollie and Jeremy coming down to visit me!!!!!

3. Ambers Bridal shower and Wedding

2. Kevin and Denice's Wedding

1. Making it to 4 years of marraige (April 30)

8 things I did yesterday:

8. I woke up ;0)

7. Went took Robbie to school

6. Went to school myself

5. Prayed A LOT

4. Ran 3 miles

3. Went to the mall

2. Made dinner

1. And talked with my hubby

8 things I wish/pray:

8. A miracle would happen

7. My hand would be ok and no tumers

6. I pray for safe travel for all our weddings we have to travel to

5. I pray for my Grandma and her back

4. I would make more hubby and me time

3. God to work on me

2. I pray that God keeps my hubby safe while flying and any schooling he is going to have to go to here soon.

1. That everyone would feel God unending love for them

8 shows I watch:

8. Real House Wives New York

7. Reba

6. Fox News

5. John and Kate + 8

4. Wife Swap

3. Extream Make Over Home Edition

2. Everybody Loves Raymond

1. Army Wives

8 people I tag:

No one cause everyone has already been taged