Sunday, January 31, 2010


If you look at the HELO hovering waiting to land on the ship... That is Rob flying... I LOVE this pic!!! I am SO PROUD of him and ALL of the other men and women over there helping others.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


As most may know (or hay maybe even not know) my hubby got shipped off to Haiti on Wednesday. I got a phone call about 10am with Rob saying "Britt I have till 1 to get my stuff packed and get back to base". Yes just 3 hours to pack your stuff say good bye and get back to work. Now mid you we live 30 mins from base so REALLY he only had 2 hours to complete this task at hand. We did it to say the least... because really there isn't any other choice in the matter. We stopped by Robbies school and Robbie has about a 1 min good bye with Daddy and he didn't even know what hit him till after we had left his school. He had a COMPLETE brake down. My poor son felt like the people over in Haiti... Like his WHOLE world just came crashing down, and to a point right now he still feels like that. I took Rob to work so that I could drive his car back home so it was not sitting on base. I just remember walking away from his work thinking to myself... This is when the true test is going to start.... To be honest I LOST it.... I gave myself 5 mins to lose it and then picked myself back up and said to myself its time to be strong. I know you might be reading this and thinking how selfish you are... Losing it just because your husband is going over to help people who are in need and just lost what little they did have. But I lost it for so much more then just the pure and simple fact of my husband leaving... I lost it because I was going to have to go home to my 4 year old son who I knew would be a COMPLETE wreck himself, I lost it because of ALL that my husband was going to endure (even though I knew deep down he was BEYOND excited to be able to go over and do what he calls "Doing God's work"), I lost it because for the first time in my husbands carer he was going to be put in the "danger" zone and I would have NO way of knowing unless I got a knock at my door, I lost it because of the unknown of EVERYONE over in Haiti. I pray day in and day out that God keeps EVERYONE over in Haiti SAFE. I know what they are doing over there IS NOT EASY.... I have been able to have some e-mail contact with Rob since he has left and the things that he shares with me is GUT WRENCHING... You think what you see and hear on the news is sad or bad... Well when you are hearing about it from the eye its self its HEART BREAKING. This will most defiantly be a life changing experience for Rob and ALL the men and women over there helping. I ask that you keep EVERYONE over there in your prayers.

As far as Robbie and I go... Well Robbie is NOT doing well with this at all. He is not use to not being able to talk to daddy at least when he leaves. We just yesterday started getting e-mails from Rob, but he gets frustrated with those sometimes because he can not hear daddy or see him. Even though he does know that it is daddy writing the e-mails. So pray for him too. Another thing that makes it so hard is to know that Daddy is gone now. But when he gets home he is going to be truing around and deploying for 6+ months... So needless to say I have been trying to get him ready for that too. Needless to say we pretty much will not be seeing Rob till the end of the year. Just keep everyone in your prayers. Thanks everyone!!

Both of these photos are taken of Rob's Helo and loading supplies onto it for dropping off to people in need!!