Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok for anyone else has time just been FLYING by so fast that by the end of the day you wonder "Where the heck did my day go"? I don't know if it is just because of the time change or what it is but it is going by WAY TOO FAST:P I can't believe that I have been in IL for a week already and I am leaving in less then a week now:P Needless to say now I see what my mom meant when she would say "Don't wish it away" when I would say "I just want to be older" Or "I just wish that Robbie would start walking". I guess life is just smacking me in the face again with how much life just passes me by and I don't even notice it until I sit and REALLY think about everything.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Not to Happy:P

So tonight my mom and I tryed to go to Cardinal Fitness to work out because Rob bought me a 2 week pass so I can work out with the gals while I am hanging out in IL for the next few weeks. Well my mom and I went tonight to work out and COULD NOT work out. I had Robbie with me, My mom put him into the child care area and said see you soon I love you.. Fine end of story. He was doing fine for a little while (I could hear him because I was right there filling out paper work). Well about 5 mins later he just starts SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. I stood there for a little while thinking ok this lady that is getting paid (BY ME and by her job) is doing NOTHING to even try and get Robbie to stop crying. I WAS PISSED. Here I am trying to be able to go and do a work out and this girl is sitting there washing off toys and WATCHING TV. She was doing nothing to try and distract Robbie. It was a good thing I was standing there too because Robbie got out of the room and she didnt even get up to try and catch him from coming out the door. Needless to say I didnt get my workout in that I went there to do. So question of the day.... Have any of you gals that have Cardinal Fitness memberships ever had problems with the child care people there??? I dont know maybe it was just me being way to personal with be because I HAVE worked in setting like that one at a YMCA and if I had a kid come in crying or not wanting to stay I tried EVERYTHING I could do to try to make that kid feel a little more welcome to where he/she was be dropped off at.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Rob is getting me my chocolate lab that I have ALWAYS wanted!!!! I am sooo EXCITED!!!! I couldn't say anything before because nothing was final yet!! We are not going to be getting it for a few weeks because it was just born a few days ago but....... I get to get pretty much first pick of the litter!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!

Waiting just waiting!!!

Yesterday I received some REALLY exciting news!! Rob surprised me with a little something!! I am not yet at liberty to say what exactly this surpize is but I can not WAIT to tell EVERYONE!!! I hate that when you have something to tell someone or everyone but YOU CANT:P Let's just say it is coming soon!!! OHHHHHHHH I CANT WAIT!!! Only time will tell!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The day after

Here is Robbie Boy's eye the day after he got bit by a spider:( I feel SOOO bad for him right now:P They gave him some medicine to help with the reaction to the bit, and the medicine makes him VERY sleepy!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch out for Spiders:P

Well this morning Robbie woke up and the top of his left eye was a little puffy. Well as the day went on it kept getting a little worse. At about 1 in the afternoon my friend across the street called and told me that her daughter had gone to the doctor this morning only to find out that she had pink eye in BOTH of her eyes. Well guess what for the first time in I don't know how long Robbie was playing with this little girl yesterday:P Well needless to say (if found this out while Robbie was taking his afternoon nap) when Robbie woke up from his nap his eye was so swowlen that I just had to take him in now. So needless to say we got an apt today at 3:40 and saw the doc and everything by 4. THANK GOD Robbie doesnt have pink eye BUT he did somehow get bit by a spider or something of the sort FOUR times lastnight, So we sat waiting for his meds for 3 hours tonight. I didnt get home from the hospital till 7:45 PM:P So that was my day today!! So before your kidos go to bed CHECK FOR SPIDERS!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Ok Hollie has put me down as one of her tags your it!!! So I have to tell you all 8 random things about myself so here goes,

1. Everyday at some point and time I sill sit and look at pics or something of Joey's and think about him.

2. I am the same with Hollie I LOVE the VH1 shows!!

3. I love to vacuum!!!

4. I love to plan things like party's, outings, MOVING, any ting that involves planing I love to do.

5. Photography. I am thinking that instead of being a teacher I want to pick up photography!! I love to take pics. I don't know maybe I will do both do the photo thing on the side!!!

6. Friday night was the FIRST time EVER that I have ironed something for Rob. Now I have him asking me all the time to iron a shirt for him:P

7. I can flair my nose. Expecilly when I laugh.

8. I have an obsesion for being on time. I HATE TO BE LATE. If there is anything that will get in my way of being late for something I cut it out. That is one of my biggest pet peves.

Ok, I dont know who to tag because everyone that I know that has a post has already been taged. So what is a girl to do re-tag people. Well if that is the case then , Hollie, Beth, and Alicia. Have fun!!!