Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome home

Ok well I am back!! I am FINALY in my new house (the one that I have posted about) and am LOVING every min of it (Ok except the every min of unpacking). It is good to be back up and running again!! Hopefully NO MORE MOVES for at least another 3 to 9 years!! So if ya'll would like somewhere to come and visit there is more then enough room here at the Razzano's Inn!! HAHA. Hope everyone had a VERY good Thanksgiving and LOTS of fun shoping for Christmas!! NOW we can get into the Christmas mood!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It seems like forever ago that we singed the papers to put a bid in on our new house. In 7 days we will be new home owners again. I CANT wait for this. I am to the point of BURSTING to be able to get into my OWN house. I just want my own kitchen back with my own cooking stuff. My own bed room with my own bed. For Robbie to have his own bed with his own room and with his own toys to play with. I am ready to just be able to walk through the door of my own house at night. And last but not least I am ready to be able to have my own routine of doing things back. So here is to 7 days and counting. Well maybe we will just say 6 because today is almost over! Also Robbie is officially going to be starting school on Dec 1st! YEAAAHH He is so excited to be doing this and I myself will be starting as a part time student going 5 days a week starting Jan 12th!! We will all be pretty busy come Jan but it will all be worth it!! I cant wait to start our own routines!! I am learning that I am a routine type of person and this is all really starting to get to me:P

Friday, November 14, 2008

RIP Blooper

...... Today our beloved fish blooper has kicked the bucket. I don't know how to tell Robbie this because he got the fish because he was a VERY good boy one weekend and this was his reward for being SO GOOD. I don't want him to think that since his fish died that it was some type of punishment to him for some reason. So to you blooper I hope you are happy in fishy heaven. Blooper lived through several water changes, Robbie feeding him a BRAND new jar of fish flakes, a move from FL to VA and while making that move Robbie broke his little travel house and so we had to make him a new house out of a soda bottle, and finally blooper survived a leap out of his water bowel from the kitchen counter to kitchen floor and flopped around till Robbie found him and thought that he was a spider on the kitchen floor (this was about a week and a half ago so no this was not the cause of bloopers death). The cause of death is due to the fact of water bowl cleaning and he did not like the water because my friend cleaned her fishes bowl yesterday too and ummm... yep you guessed it we have 2 dead fisheys on our hands and 2 kids to brake the very sad news too. Well I don't know if it is so much sad news to my friend but to me it was kinda sad. Blooper was the kind of fish who got REALLY excited when you came to his bowl he was a happy fish from what I could tell. Oh well what are you going to do? So I think that after the Holidays when we are back home and we can take care of our fishey we will get a new one (Give us a little bit of time to remember Blooper) hehe.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok So we have been going to the mall a lot lately and I have noticed here and there that some stores are decorating for Christmas earlier then usual. Well last night I made a VERY late trip to Walmart and while there I noticed that I was singing along to a Christmas song. I stoped dead in my tracks and said to myself " I haven't even eaten Thanksgiving dinner yet" I think it is REALLY sad that it seems like we are just by passing Thanksgiving to get right to a "money spending" Holiday. I think stores are just getting everyone in the mood of Christmas so that they start spending money sooner. I m sorry but I just CAN NOT get into the mood of Christmas till at least the day after Thanksgiving. Is anyone else noticing this? And if you are does it bother you?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome Home

I am proud to say that we got the house!!! We are SO EXCITED!! This ALL is truly an answered prayer!! With what we walked away with and how much we spent, I REALLY FEEL Blessed. We make our last a final move (so Hollie maybe you can put our address in ink HAHA) on November 25th for at least 3-4 years!!! I cant wait to be in the same house and not have to worry about where we are going to be moving to next. Also there is a chance that we could just stick out the rest of Rob's carrier here, EVEN BETTER!!
I dont know why one of the pics is small and the other is big but hey you get the pic!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long Coming.....

I know that it has been a VERY long time since I have posted but we dont have our own computer right nw and I dont have much to write about other then HOUSE HUNTING. Well that is what we have been doing for 3 days straight. Well HOPEFULLY it will ALL come to an end tomorrow. We are going to look at a house tomorrow that we are liking VERY MUCH. PLEASE pray that we do get this house (provided that we like it we have only seen the outside and pics of the inside). Lets just say we would be walking into this house with about $100,000 in equity!! The city appraises it at over $400,000 and the lady is wanting $349,000 for it but will take $299,000 for it!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED. Just pray that if this is the house for us that it will be shown tomorrow morning at 8 am!! here are a few pics of the place

Some other things that we have been up to are just catching up with some friends that we havent seen in a while and Robbie trick or treating. I have some pics on my phone BUT am still trying to figure this thing out. Robbie was 2 things this year. We started out as a knight and shinning armor but his costume was a little TOO small. So we changed to a fire fighter. He LOVED being a fire fighter. Well till tomorrow I will update on the out come of "our" house.