Saturday, June 27, 2009

Still kickin

Well as you may know by reading my sisters blog that I do indeed have two extra kids!! HERS!!!! It has been fun and different. There has been the downs but the fun times have WAY over done the downs!!! We have gone to the beach, gone to the zoo, the beach for St. Showes, the park for lunch and play time, and a lot more to come!!! Tomorrow we will be hitting the water park with some friends and spending the day there!! All I have to say is it really is a blessing having them here and being able to spend time with them!! It is not often that I do get to see them and to be able to spend the whole month with them is a blessing!! AND the two pounds that I have lost since they have been here too!!! HAHAHA. I will have some pics up of our adventures once I get them down loaded!! We just got our computer back after a week of it taking some vacation time on us:P