Friday, August 28, 2009


Just some of the things we have been up to in the last few weeks:)

A night at the beach for some ice cream

A ride in Uncle Franks new car (LOVING the fact that he had not top over him)

Playin at the beach

A night of go carts with his cousin

Throwing in a little work out

At Bounce You with a friend that came to visit us for a few weeks

Robbie coloring daddy pics while he was "playing tag with the bad guys"

Robbies first denist visit!!

Robbie with Daddy and Uncle Dan going out on the "boon doggie"

Robbie shoping for some Birthday party stuff

All summer long it has been GO GO GO... ALL day EVERYDAY. I cant belive how quick summer went by. Where did the time go? I am now back to school Robbie will be back to school come Sept 8th and hopefully things will be a little more "normal". The last few weeks have been well as you can guess BUSY.... Camping, Birthdays, Birthday partys, family in town..... What can I say it has been a VERY fun summer with LOTS going on:) Heres some photos of updates. I will be posting Robbies Birthday party pics soon:)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today is the day I am losing my lil baby and getting a BIG BOY!! Yes today my lil man turns 4..... I cant believe how quick the time is just FLYING by. It seems like just yesterday I stood up at 1 am and had my water brake and went up stairs to tell Rob that it did so. My Roo is beyond loving... He is a happy medium between mama's boy and daddy's boy. He will tell you like it is yet love you when it hurts!! If you have a good 20 mins don't plan on getting a word in because he is going to use that FULL 20 mins to talk your ear off:) My lil man LOVES to talk to anyone he can:) The stuff he comes up with is beyond me. He's loving, caring, joyful, excited, jumpy, hyper, cuddly and talkative all wrapped up in one:) He is my Robbie Roo and I wouldn't trade him for ANYTHING in the world:) I am so thankful that God and blessed me with my sanity and insanity all wrapped up in one!!!!! I love you Robbie Boy and keep that smile on your face because it keeps me smiling:)