Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last day

It is kinda sad, today is Robbie's last day of swim classes. It was a 2 week course and I feel like it JUST started:( He is doing SOOO WELL in his classes and has made a few more friends out of it!! Oh well I guess we can keep going to the pool and keep working on his reach and pull and kick, kick, kick. Also his JUMP IN!!! This is Robbie's favorite thing to do now!! You cant keep him from jumping in which is kinda a scary thought if no one is there to get him. But he is USUALLY pretty good at waiting!!!! I guess this too is just showing me HOW BIG he really is getting:( My "baby" is almost 3 already:( AHHHHH

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Copying Hollie

Ok so I am trying the same thing that Hollie is doing with one photo a day. I figured with starting to get into photography it would be a good site to start giving people when they ask about my photography, But also help me really see the true side of my photos!! So this should be a fun thing to start!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Name of my business????

Ok so I am trying to come up with a cool catchy name for my photography business that I am going to be trying to start here soon!! SO I need some in puts on some cool names for it can anyone help???

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mickey Duck

So since Friday night my little man has been trying to fight off some NASTY stuff. Well all day yesterday (Saturday) I for the life of me could not get his temp to go down below 104. When he woke up from a nap around 4:30ish he felt like he was ON FIRE so I took his temp and he was sitting at 105. Now I know he had just woken up BUT not being able to get him below 104 ALL day was really starting to worry me. So off the the ER we went, Well it was a good thing I did because he has a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. The Doc said that if I had not brought him in last night there was a good chance that his ear drum could have ruptured last night:( So good thing I took him in when I did:) Well today he was feeling a little better and was wanting to go outside. Well with the heat down here we are sitting at about 95 but 105 with heat index. So I told him the only way we could go outside was if we took a small walk around the block but then had to go right back in, we can NOT play outside today cause we need to get better first. So he was good with that, he just wanted OUT of the house. Well on our walk we saw some ducks. All of a sudden he got all excited and started saying "LOOK MAMA MICKEY DUCK MY MICKEY DUCK". I for the life of me could NOT understand what the heck he was talking about. I said "Robbie Boy what the heck is a Mickey Duck"???? He said "Mama the duck from Mickey". I said "OH that duck, I said baby that is not the same duck as the Mickey Duck that ducky is still at home with his Mommy and Daddy". You see when we where down in Disney Land we say some ducks and stoped to look at them. Well there was one duck that liked Robbie for one reason or another and walked right up to him even though Robbie was not feeding him. So when Robbie saw that Duck tonight on our walk he thought that it was the same duck that was in Disney Land and it came to visit him.!!!!! He is just too funny.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

OH What a Time!!!

For the last week I was so BLESSED to be able to have my parents down visiting. I can not believe how fast the time went with them here. I REALLY did not want them to leave, But like all good things it must come to an end. My mom and dad left this morning to return to 50 degree + cooler weather back home then what they have been use to for the last week:P I m sure they wanted to put there butts back on that plane and come back down!! I hate when gusts leave. After they leave it just seems like... Now what?? You get so use to having company then all of a sudden there is no one left in your house:( I miss my mom and dad WAY too much and they haven't even been gone a whole day yet:( All I have to say is I hope Aug Sept time frame comes VERY quick because I cant wait to see them again!!!
Mom~ To you and dad THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING you did while you where down here!! You guys went ABOVE and BEYOND what I could ever imagined. Thank you for such a WONDERFUL trip and good company!! I miss you guys SOOOOO MUCH and CANT wait to see you again!!! I love you both VERY much. ~Lots of love~ Britty

Bampa, GaGa and Robbie Riding the horses

Robbie Meeting Micky and Minnie!! WORTH the trip alone seeing his face on this one!!