Friday, January 30, 2009

Where We Are At Now

Well as most of you already know (from reading my blog) Rob and I have started infertility testing. Well this past Wednesday I went in to get my blood drawn for the start of it all. Well on Thursday as I was cleaning the house Robbie ran up to me and told me that daddy was on my cell phone. I took the phone from him and said hey babe whats up? Needless to say it wasn't my babe it was the Dr. that is helping me through all of my testings. He was calling because he had my blood results back in. To me that was really fast but hey I was happy yet scared to find out that he had them back already. So he started off with well your ovarie and thyroid functions are normal but your pro-lactation level is high. The normal limit for this is 20 and nothing higher. Mine was at a 71 Anything higher means that there could be a possible brain tumor on my pituitary gland. So with that said, I am a sitting duck for today and the rest of the weekend and can call and see if Tri-Care has approved my referral the Doctor has put in for me to get an MRI on Monday. IF there is a brain tumor it is treated with medication to help the tumor shrink. The medication will help reduce the size of the tumor and lower my levels of prolactin and maybe make it easier to get pregnant. So as I sit right now, Call for MRI apt on Monday and I also have to go back in and get my blood drawn AGAIN (I passed out with my last one I just had done, they took 5 viles of blood from me people)then on Friday I have an HSG apt at 10:30 with them putting the die into my ovaries to see if they are clogged or not. So I am hoping to make the MRI apt for the same day so I can get it all done and over with in the same day. Just pray for a peace of mind over the weekend for me. Part of me wishes that the doctor just kept the blood tests to himself till Monday and then called me with ever thing when I could have done something about it.

I just REALLY want to Thank EVERYONE who has either e-mailed me or called me to check up on me and see how everything is going. It REALLY does mean A LOT to me to know that I have people who care and are thinking and praying for me!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It starts tomorrow

For almost 2 years now I guess you could say Rob and I have been trying to have another baby. Well I have started the process with going into the doctor for my starter appointment where he gets to know me and our situation and history. Well yesterday I started my period and this is when the start of all my testing has to be done. I have to get my blood drawn tomorrow (Beth I SO wish I had you around to do this.) I have a HUGE fear of needles, and for some reason I only get the people who have NO CLUE onto what they are doing. I am the test dumby for the military when it comes to have blood drawn. Then on Thursday February 5th I will have a procedure done where I have a die put into my ovaries to see if they are open. I just pray that everything is going to be ok. I will let you know how it all goes when I find out! PLEASE PRAY!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Few Randoms

1. I LOVE carmex. Whenever I have chaped lips they will no longer be chaped within a day of using Carmex.

2. I HATE folding white cloths. I really dont mind folding colored cloths but HATE folding whites.

3. I for the life of me cant not go to bed before 11 pm. I dont know what it is but 9 times out of 10 I am not tired till then

4. I cant sleep with less then two pilliows.

5. I LOVE the show Army Wives. It is pretty much the only show I watch. Oh and by the way Beth I Like to watch The Dog too.!! Its pretty cool how he is all bad @$$ with them and then on the way to jail he is like there dad and turning their life around. HAHA

6. I have to take my showers at night now. I use to have to take them in the mornings.

7. I am not that great of a decorator. I would LOVE to hire one to come into my house and do it for me!!

8. I have ALWAYS wanted to be picked to be on the show What Not To Wear (Once I loss my weight so that I can get $5,000 in free cloths!!

9. I HATE HATE HATE the N word when talking about black people.

10. I have a bag of Joey's stuff and I go through it EVERY day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Way Back Day

Here is my Robbie Roo when he was spending the day with a Friend of mine. I just cant belive how time is going by with my lil man.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slim Down Sunday

Is on my "Health Blog" Check it out!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well we are finally back in Virginia. We got back on Saturday around 3ish. Part of me is happy to be home and get back into our routine of things but, I was loving being able to be home with my side of the family. The older Robbie gets it seems like the less we are able to get out there because of him starting school now and also now I will be starting school. Well what I can say about my trip was it was nice being able to take a few weeks off from the old grind stone and spend it having breakfast with my Dad and shopping with my Mom, Baking our Christmas cookies with the girls (Oh wait Rob got to help in on this one, Thanks babe for undoing all our kisses and hugs!!!) playing the Wii with Hollie and Jeremy (total BLAST), Going to the car museum with Kylee and Kasen, also going to the Out Back with Alicia, Jori, Allie and Amber!! Taking Robbie to a farm so he could see all the cows and tractors with my Dad and Brad, Getting a night out with my hubby for New Years Eve (THANK YOU HOLLIE) And best but not least being able to all be together for the Holidays. I cant wait to be able to come back "home" again in June!! I miss you all back home and love you.