Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank You

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who posted a Happy Birthday note to me yesterday on Facebook or Myspace!! It really did help make my day that much better!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Military

Robbie with Lindsey

A trip that we took to Ft.Lauderdale FL to see our husbands while out to sea

I now know what the biggest thing about Military that I do not like. I HATE when friends of mine move away. See when you first move away from home it is hard because you are leaving your family and friends from home, but the differance with moving away from home and moves in the Military are this. When you move from home you KNOW you can come home and your family and friends are going to be there you can always go see them. But when it comes to Military moves you never know if you are going to see that person or not. You dont know if you are going to ever be stationed together agian. It is hard to become friends with people when you are a Military spouse because you are on the move ever 3-4 years. Well I m sorry I dont know about you but for me it takes a good year and a half to 2 years for me to REALLY feel comfortable with someone and call them a real friends. Well I found a REALLY good friend named Lindsey when we where stationed here (in Virginia)back in 2005-2006. Rob and her hubby where stationed on the same ship together and we where the only two goof balls of wifes standing out by the ship when it was pulling out of port one day. I looked at her she looked at me and we where pretty much insepebal from there on out. We did everything together when our husbands where gone (which was a lot). Well when Rob found out that he was going to be picked up for OCS it broke my heart to know that not only where we moving but now I am moving from my friend AND her husband was going to be deploying (Which Rob was due to too). Well we moved and we stayed in touch. Then Rob finished all of his training and we got word that we where going to be able to move back to Virginia. I was so EXCITED because that ment that I was going to be able to move back to a friend that I have missed so much! Well today that friend of mine is moving back to Texas because her husband is going out on deployment again here soon and he will be getting out soon after his deployment. I am so sad to see her leave but so happy that she will finaly be able to go back home to all the family and friends that she once had to leave. So Lindsey I hope that you have a safe and happy trip home!! GOOD LUCK. I will miss ya Homie!!! XO

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Have I Told You Yet?

That I HEART my Wii Fit!! I just cant get enough of it!! I so far have spent about 30 mins a day with it so far this weekend!! I LOVE IT!!! So much fun!!! I look forward to getting on it in the morning!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Lil Of My Dad

This weekend Rob is out of town showing his Helo in FL at an airshow. Well as you guessed it that leaves me with Robbie when he wakes up in the morning. See since Rob gets up around 5 or so every morning (some mornings earlier) sleeping till 7 seems like sleeping in to him, So he lets me sleep till I get up and he gets Robbie. So not this weekend, I get him which is ok except that for some reason (probably because Rob is not home) I could NOT fall a sleep last night. I think I finally drifted off around 3 or so. Robbie some how wound up in my bed last night along with my two dogs, needless to say it was NOT a good night. Robbie decided that he was going to get up at 7:30 (Fine had I not gotten to bed at 3) and say to me "Mommy I see the sun that means time to get up". "Ok Robbie just give mommy a few mins". "NO Mommy time to get up now, Look the big blanket is starting to come off of you, I take it away". All I could say was OH HECK NO AL JR, I am a grown women now, I am suppose to be pulling the covers off of you Robbie Boy. You see my Dad would pull the blankets off of us when we where younger and didn't get out of bed when he tried to wake us up. Here my 3 year old son is pulling a dad on me!!! Just thought that I would maybe help you all start your weekend off with a little laugh!! Get out and enjoy the weekend I hear it is suppose to warm up a little bit!!! WHOOOO

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well a little up date not much but a little. I was able to get up on Monday morning and call for my MRI apt. Low and behold I was able to get one of the two last apt for the month of February. The next available apt would have been in mid March. So Monday I got in and THANK YOU GOD Rob was able to go with me and an even BIGGER THANKS to GOD Rob was able to be in the room with me while I was getting the MRI done!! He couldn't do much other than hold my hand but it was still nice to know that he was in there with me! I had 4 different sets of tests done. Two with just me ( I had to redo my 2nd one because Rob was making faces to relax me a little and I smiled to much so those images where blurry. Then the 2nd round of my MRI they put a die into my through IV to get a better contrast or something like that. So 45 mins later and a HUGE bruise on my arm from the IV I am stuck waiting for my MRI results to come back. I e-mailed the Doc that I have been dealing with and am just waiting for a reply. So that is what little update I have for now. Just pray that my MRI results come back soon!! Oh and tomorrow I go in for the procedure where they insert die into my ovaries to see if they are clogged or not.