Monday, April 28, 2008

Dance Dance Dance WHAT?????

Well that is what I heard Robbie singing when all of a sudden down he went and down he went HARD right on his lip right into the corner of his motorcycle. Needless to say this is the out come of his fall. The pic does no justice to what my poor baby's face looks like right now. The good thing from what the doc said is that he fell in the PERFECT place to fall on his lip. If he fell a cm to the front or a cm to the back more he would have had to get stitches in his mouth BUT thank God that, that was not the case. So for the time being my poor old bubba gump is getting all the ice cream and popsicles that he wants!! He now puts a whole new meaning the nick name bubba that I always use on him!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

March for Joey & My miracle #3

Well tomorrow is my BIG walk for March for babies. I am feeling ALL kinds of emotions right now. I didn't hit my goal like I wanted to which is kinda sad for me but I did what I could. Also it ALWAYS gets me thinking when I get ready to go and do this walk. What could I have done to help save my baby Joey's life. I ALWAYS wonder if I didn't have my pap at 17 weeks would I still have my little bundle of joy who would now be 19 months old now?? AND if I didn't lose Joey would I also have my baby that I lost almost a year ago to date?? I know that, that would give me 3 babies ALL under the age of 2 1/2 but I can't help but think I should have 3 babies with me right now. I hate this feeling of all the unknown. I know God is keeping my babies safe but it just hurts so bad to know that I cant hold them and watch them grow. So with my walk tomorrow I walk for my baby Joey(9-22-06), My baby Razzano 3(4-30-07), my brother or sister in heaven, my niece or nephew in heaven, Beth's cousin Gabriel Joseph and to all the other women who know what it is to feel the loss of there baby. I will be doing my walk with Rob and Robbie tomorrow morning at 9AM. So if you think about it please pray for us while we are out there walking for all the babies out there. Thank you also to all those who donated to me and my walk it was and is VERY MUCH appreciated!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


So today I did it!!! Today was my first day out running in a VERY L O N G time and all together I ran 1.5 miles!!! I only walked ONCE AND it was a very short distance!!! Now all's I have to do is 1. get a pair of running shoes instead of walking shoes!! and 2. Go running when it is not 80 degrees outside. So I have to start running at night or 1 st thing in the morning because today I went running at 2:30 and OHHH MY GOODNESS IT WAS HHHHOOOOOTTTT outside:P So excited to be out and running AND I found a girl in my neighborhood that likes to run too and she just started herself so we are going to be perfect for each other!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still alive

Ok so I know that it going on a month now since I have last bloged BUT it has been CRAZY busy around here and latley I have hardly had time to sit down and check my e-mails let alone blog about my life so in a nut shell here is what has been going on. I have on started my own busness with Lia Sophia Jewlwery so I have been VERY busy yet VERY successful with all of those happings and am LOVING doing it!! I have my 4th party in 2 this Saturday so as you can see it is GO GO GO!!! I have also been taking classes this whole past week to be able to open my own home daycare!! It is something that we are not going to get up and going right away but I am getting the classes and background checks and all the nit picky little things out of the way that way when we do decide to do it we are able to!! ALSO I Amber was down here visiting us for a week at the end of March so that took a week of my time!! So with those 3 things it was VERY crazy. Now with things starting to get more into a rutine again I should be back up and running!!!! I still have been reading everyones blogs though!! Blog some more later!!!