Monday, November 26, 2007

Not to Happy:P

So tonight my mom and I tryed to go to Cardinal Fitness to work out because Rob bought me a 2 week pass so I can work out with the gals while I am hanging out in IL for the next few weeks. Well my mom and I went tonight to work out and COULD NOT work out. I had Robbie with me, My mom put him into the child care area and said see you soon I love you.. Fine end of story. He was doing fine for a little while (I could hear him because I was right there filling out paper work). Well about 5 mins later he just starts SCREAMING at the top of his lungs. I stood there for a little while thinking ok this lady that is getting paid (BY ME and by her job) is doing NOTHING to even try and get Robbie to stop crying. I WAS PISSED. Here I am trying to be able to go and do a work out and this girl is sitting there washing off toys and WATCHING TV. She was doing nothing to try and distract Robbie. It was a good thing I was standing there too because Robbie got out of the room and she didnt even get up to try and catch him from coming out the door. Needless to say I didnt get my workout in that I went there to do. So question of the day.... Have any of you gals that have Cardinal Fitness memberships ever had problems with the child care people there??? I dont know maybe it was just me being way to personal with be because I HAVE worked in setting like that one at a YMCA and if I had a kid come in crying or not wanting to stay I tried EVERYTHING I could do to try to make that kid feel a little more welcome to where he/she was be dropped off at.


Erin said...

Well, I have a membership but I don't bring the I can't offer any personal advice. I would if I were you, talk to the manager(he's the one with the buzzcut and gold tooth kinda in the back left side). I don't know his name.

When are you going next? I would love to see you!!!!!


Beth said...

I have noticed that they basically sit in a corner there and don't really do anything. That stinks! Do you think it would help him to have Kylee and Kasen there to play with?

Anonymous said...

If you workout in the afternoon evening time I would be more than happy to watch Robbie for you!

unless you don't trust me ;0) heehee

Amber said...

I would agree with Erin. At least mention it to the manager. If he doesn't know he can't do anything about it. Babysitting is their job, not sitting there watching tv. I know you are only in for another week or so, but I would also offer up to watch Robbie for a little while so you can get your workout in.