Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch out for Spiders:P

Well this morning Robbie woke up and the top of his left eye was a little puffy. Well as the day went on it kept getting a little worse. At about 1 in the afternoon my friend across the street called and told me that her daughter had gone to the doctor this morning only to find out that she had pink eye in BOTH of her eyes. Well guess what for the first time in I don't know how long Robbie was playing with this little girl yesterday:P Well needless to say (if found this out while Robbie was taking his afternoon nap) when Robbie woke up from his nap his eye was so swowlen that I just had to take him in now. So needless to say we got an apt today at 3:40 and saw the doc and everything by 4. THANK GOD Robbie doesnt have pink eye BUT he did somehow get bit by a spider or something of the sort FOUR times lastnight, So we sat waiting for his meds for 3 hours tonight. I didnt get home from the hospital till 7:45 PM:P So that was my day today!! So before your kidos go to bed CHECK FOR SPIDERS!!!


Bonnie said...

Brittany,he's so adorable even with a swallon eye :P