Friday, September 14, 2007

To my Mom and Hollie

Around this time last year is when my Mom and Hollie both came down to FL to help Rob and I with A LOT of stuff. Not only where they here for support but they came down and unpacked my WHOLE HOUSE of stuff. Let me tell you it was NOT an easy thing to do. When we unpacked the truck the night before my water broke it was POOOOOORRRRING rain out and we had quite a walk from our front door to where we parked our cars. So when the guys would bring in a box they just kinda put it where it would fit and went out for the next one. So needless to say by the time they where all done there was only a walk way from the kitchen door to the stair way, and this was a 2200 sq ft house (with up stairs). I don't know what I would have done if my Mom and Sister had not come down to help with the house. They also help A LOT with Robbie. Until my Mom and Hollie got down here Robbie was staying with the lady Lisa over night and everything (and she has 3 kids that had just started back to school). Once my Mom and Hollie got down here they where taking care of Robbie round the clock.!!!! I loved knowing that Robbie was with someone that he knew. Don't get me wrong he went to Lisa with no problem, But just knowing that he was with them made me feel better!! Hollie and my Mom would bring Robbie in EVERYDAY to the hospital for me so I could see him.!!! I LOVED IT when Robbie would come rolling through those doors!!! It MADE my dad!! Not that everyone else didn't it's just something about Robbie at that time was helping me make it trough it. I think it was his innocents to the whole thing that was going on and he was happy no matter what and that helped me. As far as what was going on with Joey at this point nothing to much was going on in the hospital other then just laying there and having company. I don't know what I would have done without the help and love from Hollie and my Mom. All I can say and keep saying is THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!! I love you two VERY MUCH. Thank you for making my house a home when I got out of the hospital, and Thank you for taking care of my baby when I couldn't. You two mean EVERYTHING to me!!! ALL my love ~Brittany~
P.S. The pics at top are what they turned my home into!!! AWSOME JOB!! All of what you see was packed with boxes anywhere from there wast to there head high!! AND they did it with watching Robbie.


Beth said...

It's awesome how you guys all came together during this time. I can't image how hard it was to be away from Robbie and have other people taking care of him. I am sure it helped so much knowing that your Mom and Hollie were "holding down the fort". What a blessing....two great women!

Hollie said...

I Love You Britty!